Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rant on Rent

Warning: I am in a very foul mood.

So I am trying to move to one bedroom apartment from my shared accommodation due to worsening situation with flatmates. And we found one (Girlfriend is helping, of course). At £875 pcm, unfurnished apartment near the underground station. We showed interest to the agent. He took about 3-4 days to come back with an increased price of £925pcm. As I said, we liked it so we (rather I, Girlfriend didn't like the change in rent) went ahead.

I had to transfer £150 to reserve the apartment yesterday. However, before that I asked them about all the other costs associated with the rental agreement and the Agent told me this break down: £150 reservation fee that will go towards my first month rent (which is to be given in advance) and 6 weeks rent as deposit. I again asked him and this time very specifically about his company's charges in this transaction and he said that its £220, and I would be paying £150 out of it when I transfer the reservation fee (which means only £70 needs to be  paid after that)

After this conversation, I sent him an email summarizing this conversation and asking him to confirm this. He sent an email back saying that he will send me the complete breakdown of the invoice next morning and I should transfer the reservation fee. I replied saying that I would do that after I get the invoice.

So today morning, I waited and waited for the invoice to show up in my mail. But it never showed up. I mailed him and called him with no avail so I left messages. Finally, at 5 o'clock today evening he sends me the invoice. The break down of the invoice shows that I have to pay £304 after paying £150 as reservation fee. And of course, the agent completely changed his story since last evening's conversation.

Out of this £304, £200 is the charge for reference check per tenant. I asked the agent if I can have a second set of keys since I am planning to get my mom here for 1-2 months. He tells me that he would have to perform a reference check on my mom since she will be staying for so long (which means £200 charge more).

And that's when I completely lost it.

I do not loose my cool so easily but this Agent has managed to push me there. Does renting the house with this agency means I can't have guests? Would he like to perform a reference check on my entire family and friends who might visit me and may stay for more than a week. How about my partner? Suppose I am dating someone and in time would like to give him/her a set of keys? Does he want to do a credit check on any one I might date in next few months? Is that the condition of tenancy?

I have decided that I do not want to rent that house.

I understand that most of the real estate agents are quite similar and I have dealt with them in past. But none of them give the creeps like this guy does. Every word he speaks is a lie. He goes back on his word. And all this is before I have given any money.

I have already given notice to vacate for my current room and would need to move in a month's time. Hopefully, something else might turn up.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Ellen DeGeneres... my favourite stand up comedian. And trust me, its not because she is gay or because she is considered to be a role model, an icon for gays and lesbian.

I simply love her style of comedy. Unlike most of the stand-up comedians around the globe, she does not use swear words, foul language or potty humour to make her stand-up act funny. She has a very clean act.

The difference between her comedy and most of the other bunch is same as the difference between 'Dil Chata Hai' type comedy versus Govinda type comedy. I can't stand the Govinda type comedy same way I can't stand most of the stand-up comedians. Ellen is an exception.

I found this gem while scouring through internet and thought of sharing it here. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do...