Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Its over!

The twelve days of holidays, that is. Its over. Today was the first day of office. Grrrrr....

Okay, I admit it. I am, and have never been, a morning person but I especially hate Monday mornings (who doesn't? If you don't: I hate you too). Today was the king of Monday mornings, even though it wasn't Monday today. It was the morning after the Christmas break! Add to that one and a half hour of commute to work. Well let's just say that if you had bump into me today morning, you would have met the queen of all grumpies. Okay, may be that was a bit of exaggeration since, according to me, the real queen of all grumpies is Aunty Acid. Still, I could have been a princess or something. 

Anyway, I somehow reached the office and switched on the laptop. Had a panic attack for about 15 minutes in which I was desperately trying to remember my password. Why, oh why, do we need to change the passwords every 90 days. How many passwords can a person remember? Don't answer that. 

Once the laptop was booted, I sat blankly in front of it for another 15 minutes. I was trying to remember the purpose of my being there. Seriously, I had no recollection of any thing nor any idea what was I supposed to do next. So I started by opening the outlook hoping to waste away my morning in reading through my unread mails (evil genius plan!). Guess what, no one works during the Christmas break. There were three unread mails in my inbox. Two of them were automated mails. I took my time to read them.

I was once again staring at my screen with no idea what to do next. "Morning Tuhina". And my manager was standing behind me. Nice. Thankfully, he didn't ask me about my plans for the day. Guess he must be in the same pickle as me.

I started again. This time going through my task list and trying to figure out what I meant by those abbreviations and words that I so confidently once wrote. Basically, I was trying to relearn my job. A job I have been doing for past few years now. A job I am good at. A job that I love. And I had no clue what it is that I do, why I love it so and how the hell do I do it!

I somehow made it till lunch. After lunch, it was basically a game of watching the clock tick away the hours. Thus ended my first official day of 2013. Its official now: Break time is over. 


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