Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Out with Dad

So far, I have lived in four different countries, Canada being one of them. I found Canada to be the friendliest country and much easier to adapt. I got addicted to few Canadian TV series (yes, they do have them) and continued to follow them long after I left Canada.

'Out with Dad' is a Canadian web series (award winning, I must add) about a lesbian teenager and her daily struggles. She has a very supportive (and very sweet) dad who supports her. They are currently struggling to make the season three of the series.

I understand donation and charity is not a big thing in India so I make you a deal. Watch the first two seasons of the series and if, after that,  you aren't dying to know what happens next (if Vanessa and Rose will ever be together?), well don't watch the third season.

Either way give this series a chance. I bet you are gonna love it.

Out with Dad Season 1

Out with Dad Season 2


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