Thursday, 6 February 2014


So Satya Nadella had become the new CEO of Microsoft. My Facebook has exploded with congratulatory messages (BTW, who are they congratulating? Themselves, each other or Satya? Because I know for sure that he can't read their Facebook statuses so what's the point?) . As irritating as I find this, I kind of get the reason why everyone is so excited.

For years the boardroom of almost all of the western companies has been dominated by middle aged white man. To see a brown face amongst them gives us hope. Satya Nadella and Indra Nooyi gives us hope. Hope that if try hard, we may be able to reach our potential, whatever that may be. There will be no glass ceiling due to our skin colour or gender. I am not so sure what happens if you throw in sexuality into the mix.

Nevertheless, here is to hope. 


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