Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Goodbye...

My dear old friend 2013, adieus. You have been very kind to me.

Our time together started with quite a bad foot. Things became worse as the first few months passed by. I almost broke up with my girlfriend. Work was crazy (I worked weekends and holidays!). I got vaccinated to go to Africa which translated to being sick for 1.5 months (no, I do not react well to chemicals being injected into my body). But life (as well as the weather) improved in later part of year in almost all aspect. I got two better job offers. Even though I decided not to join either of them but it was comforting to know that I can get an offer if I so wish. A real confidence booster. 

So in all, dearest 2013, you have been good to me. You are definitely leaving me in much better state than you found me, so I thank you for your kindness and bid you goodbye. You will be remembered fondly in the years to come...

P.S.: This post was written in end days of 2013 but couldn't be posted due connectivity problems.


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