Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Party

Why the hell do we have Christmas parties in the month of December? Yeah, yeah I know, the holidays were a way of keeping people's spirits up during the coldest and shortest days of the year and blah blah blah. But we have electricity now. We stay warm and have light during nights as well. Our routine doesn't change as much as the old days so why do we still have "Christmas parties" (I am of course referring to the annual official, posh parties) during the coldest part of the year?

Don't get me wrong, I like the ideas of holidays during the coldest part of the year but I am strictly against having the biggest celebration of the year during that time. Because you know what, as a woman I am supposed to dress up nicely for those events. This 'dress up nicely' part leaves me very very cold and I hate that. 

So I come back to my original question: Why do we have Christmas parties in the month of December? Why can't we have them in month of June or July? We can actually enjoy the weather AND the party. Just an idea. 


Psych Babbler said...

Ah the southern hemisphere, it's great to have it in Dec. :) I hate parties and outings in June-July because we are pretty much layered up so I can totally understand your frustration with Dec in the northern hemisphere.

Its Me said...

I am so J! :)

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