Friday, 14 December 2012

What's so good?

I woke up today morning to find this photo on my Facebook news feed:

(Photo linked to its source, hopefully. You never know with Facebook links)

Not sure who took this photo and why someone in my friend's list thought it appropriate to share it. I was shocked by the image and appalled by the comments. It ranged from 'Gud', 'nice', 'lovely pic', 'good superb' to 'Maa Annpurna hoti hai beti' and 'Es desh mein agar beti na ho to bhukhe reh jaaenge'. Seriously?

She must have barely started talking and she is dressed like an adult and is acting like an adult. No one is concerned about how she doesn't get to have a childhood. She is a child for God's sake. Am I only one saddened by this?

P.S.: No copyright violation intended but guess when you put pictures in an open Facebook profile you have already forfeited that right. 


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